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Daisy Duxe

Daisy Duxe

Valdosta, Georgia
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5' 3"
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Touring Feature Entertainer
  • All over the United States
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, US
  • 89128

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XXX Adult Film Star and award-winning touring feature entertainer Daisy Duxe…that’s me! 

40-45 weeks a year I am touring the country performing LIVE at gentlemen’s clubs nationwide & even internationally. I have been nominated for an Exotic Dancer Magazine award three times and been award Club Owner’s Favorite Feature by Exotic Dancer Magazine.  I have performed LIVE at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as well voted the Hottest Girl in Porn.

With 150+ XXX movies under my belt it is an understatment to say that I love my job.  I love entertaining whether it be LIVE on stage or in front of a camera.  I am the national spokesmodel for America’s #1 sexual enhancement company.  Xbiz and AVN have awarded them their highest honors for their ground breaking advances in the sexual enhancement fields.

I am the Skindustry Director of Stripperfest and Stripperpalooza.  These are dancer competitions that are held nationwide and award entertainers cash, custom furniture and more in 3 categories…Queen of the Pole, Queen of the Stage and Hottest Stripper. You can find out more information on these contests at or or

I can be found at or or you can view my profile on

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  • Cell Phone Droid X
  • Make-Up ????
  • Flower Duh...Daisy
  • Perfume Daisy by Marc Jacobs
  • Sex Position However I can get off!
  • Designer/Store Wal-Mart
  • Drink Shot of Vodka chilled
  • Vacation Spot Anywhere my cell phone doesn't work
  • Band/Song Depends on the day
  • Sports Team University of Georgia Bulldogs
  • Car My Custom Scion XB
  • Month August


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Recent Journals

Strippperpalooza 4

Posted on October 28th 2011 3:03 pm

Skindustry Productions presents StripperPalooza 4 at Angels Gentlemen’s club of Kalamazoo, MI on Sunday, November 6 2011 at 8pm. StripperPalooza is a dance competition showcasing the talent of the ladies, in exotic dance and pole fitness, as they compete to win their share of over $4000.00 in cash prizes. Dancers will compete in three categories for the titles grabs of Queen of the Pole, Queen of the Stage, and Hottest Stripper.
The ladies will be judged by a panel of their peers who have won previous titles as well as other industry professionals and operators of various clubs who will be present for this event. Special guest judges will include StripperPalooza 2 Queen of the Pole Angel, StripperPalooza Queen of the Stage Lacey Rain, 2010 Miss Exotic Dancer Publications Newcomer of the year Tawnie Monroe and Playboy model Lana Grazovskaya. We will be giving away $4000.00 in the categories: $1500.00 to Queen of the Pole, $1500.00 to Queen of the Stage and $1000.00 to hottest stripper.
This is the third StripperPalooza for Angels Gentlemen’s club and they are very excited to be hosting this event after being awarded number one small strip club in the Midwest at the adult nightclub awards in Las Vegas from Exotic Dancer Publications.   XXX Porn star Daisy Duxe will be hosting the event this evening and performing at Angels the two nights before the event on November 4th and 5th 2011.
Any ladies interested in competing can register at stripperfestcontest.comgoing to the StripperPalooza icon. Any clubs interested in attending are encouraged to RSVP Brian Hopkins of Skindustry productions at 414-975-5180or John Saidman, general manager, of Angels Gentlemen’s Club at 269-414-6121 to discuss this unique opportunity to promote your club and showcase your dancers.

From the Pocket of Daisy Duxe

Posted on June 14th 2011 4:55 am

Focus Daisy…slow down for a few minutes from the craziness of the “Naughty Georgia Peach” 2011 tour and make sure everybody knows what a kick ass time you are having!  Okay, think back…when did you last write…where did you leave everybody hanging?  Cross your legs in a yoga pose…close your eyes…put your fingers together….say oooommmm…..ooooommmmm….snore…hey, this is no time to doze off…geez you can’t sit still 5 minutes without falling asleep!

The Pony….start with the Pony in Starkville, MS….what an awesome, wet slippery weekend.  I’m not sure which was more fun….playing with the crowd during performances or joking around with the DJ during my performances.  I will never forget this weekend because evidently after enough beer your brain reversis how “the wave” works.  I sometimes like to get my crowd up and moving to get blood flowing to wake them up.  This was needed at The Pony…so I had everybody sitting at the stage stand up.  The DJ explained if they did the wave Id set my 34D main attractions free!  So, I went to one corner of the stage and threw my arms up in the air motioning the start of the wave.  Imagine my surprise when the first guy quickly sat down instead of doing the wave.  My surprise turned to real “what the hell” when every person at the stage followed his lead and each one sat quickly in their chair performing their own reverse wave.  Five years on tour I had never seen this!

Unfortunately we had some crazy weather that weekend.  Not nearly as bad as the weather on April 27 which devastated the area, but we had tornado warnings with torrential downpours.  It rained so hard that it flooded my dressing room.  Thank goodness I had put all my show trunks up on counters the night before.  From hopping around my dressing room trying to put my boots on while keeping my socks dry to the squishy noise I heard with every step.  We went through an ungodly number of towels because everybody had to dry their heels before going on stage so not to fall and bust their ass.  It would have been a great weekend for Mr. Fabulous flip-flops.

The ladies who work at The Pony were absolutely amazing.  So friendly and involved in every show.  One girl asked me Thursday if Id like to order pizza with them.  Due to the fact that I make my living naked I only eat yummy foods like pizza on Sunday, so I told her at midnight on Saturday Id order pizza with her.  It was such an awesome weekend that I ordered pizza for everybody Saturday night….they deserved it!

My next stop was Mobile, AL…..which I haven’t visited in over a year.  What used to be Diva’s is now Vixen’s and is under new ownership.  What a great change.  A new stage and a new hot dancers….WOW! The girls get involved and I love a lady customer that gets on stage who doesn’t care about getting her unique knee-high lace-up converse tenis shoes wet or dirty!  Lucky for her, her girlfriends wanted to see her naked and didn’t want her to ruin her tennis shoes in the process.  So while she played with me in my champagne pool her friends proceeded to remove her shoes and socks.

Another hot lady who was fully enjoying the Daisy Duxe experience while the man with her continually threw money was amazingly hot!  While she reassembled herself in my dressing room I mentioned that her man had his arm in a sling.  She giggled and told me they had been in the ER all day.  When I asked what had happened, with a smile she proudly declared that he had popped his bicep while they were having sex.  I was so proud for her!

A short few days at home were spent working on paperwork for my new company….most details about this coming soon.  Then I got the chance to try and escape reality for a few days in South Florida with some friends.  Scuba gear in tow we headed south.  Beautiful weather for diving both days with Captain Conrad on the “Miss Conduct” in Pompano Beach.  Finally got to dive the Capt. Dan…a large wreck that I’ve been over 3 times with conditions never being right.  Too much current or too many divers of bad visibility.  Not this time….all the stars lined up just right and we were able to dive the Capt. Dan.  It was a beautiful dive…only it was cut short because my best friend came down the descent line to a depth of 90 feet in a 5mm suit with an aluminum tank strapped to her with absolutely no weights in her jacket.  Obviously she couldn’t stay down so it was bye-bye Capt. Dan.

Saturday night we hit The Baja Cafe, my favorite tequila bar.  Joined by my pals Raymond, Lamar and the foot fein Roberto.  We partied the night away until Lamar was asleep at the table…LOL!

Less than 24 hours at home and it was off to Louisiana.  Yummy cajun country!  Desperados was the party spot.  Wednesday night was pretty average until I was on stage during my lotion show when a hot girl at the end of the stage stood up and yelled as I filled my mouth with diluted lotion.  She motioned for me to come to her, so I did…..she demanded that I drain what was in my mouth into her mouth.  Since I’m the kind of feature that gives the fans what they want I did exactly as I was instructed!  She then dropped her top and drained my love lotion from her mouth onto her beautiful perky breasts.  I sat back with a dropped jaw wondering if I would ever top that moment.
Obviously with that being the meter for my weekend it took me a few days to recover…..about the time I recovered it was onto another club, another naughty girl…this time a group of ladies!  More about this coming soon…stay tuned!

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